Vertical Waste Baling MachineTVB Series

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Custom Designed Vertical Waste Baling MachineTVB Series for Industrial Cardboard, Paper and Plastic Waste - Techgene

Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the prime Vertical Waste Baling MachineTVB Series manufacturers since 1999 based in Taiwan.

CE and CEPROM S.A. certified for automatic baling press machine, Techgene's baler machine is sold in over 30 countries. Whether it's vertical baler, horizontal baler, baler machine for plastic, paper or metal, Techgene provides total recycling solutions to ensure your business profitable.

Techgene has been offering customers high-quality baling press with seasoned experience. Both with advanced technology and almost 40 years of experience, Techgene ensures each customer's demands are met.

Vertical Waste Baling MachineTVB Series

A Vertical Baler is a good low cost option when production volume isn't a priority. Vertical balers can bale a wide variety of materials. Automated loading for more production with less manpower.

Vertical Waste Baling Press
Vertical Waste Baling Press

Vertical Baling Press

The Techgene TVB-Series twin cylinder vertical baler is the ideal choice for users seeking a compact and efficient compactor where the throughput is not so high, but reliable operation is essential.

With its twin cylinder design, the TVB-Series requires less headroom than other vertical balers and the use of two cylinders ensures that operation is more reliable than single cylinder equivalents.

Ideally suited for use with materials such as scrap paper, corrugated paper, cartons, cardboard and plastic film ect. the vertical sliding door makes loading easy. The bales are automatically compacted, manually tied and th finished bale is then ejected automatically from the baler.


  • Rigid body structure
  • Twin cylinder design
  • PLC control for easy operation
  • Bale retaining claws
  • Takes up little space
  • Automatic ejection
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