Baling Press For Newspaper

Newspaper / Custom Designed Balers and Recycling Equipment for Industrial Cardboard, Paper and Plastic Waste.

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Techgene Baling Press For Newspaper Introduction

Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Cardboard Balers, Recycling Balers, Waste Balers, Industrial Balers and Recycling Equipment Markets. Techgene has been offering our customers high quality horizontal baler, Industrial Balers, Vertical Baling Press, Close-End Baler, Paper Recycling Equipment, Recycling Equipment, Balers, Cardboard Baler, Recycling, Shredders, Grinders, Compactors since 1999. With both advanced technology and almost 40 years of experience, Techgene ensures each customer's demands are met.

Baling Press For Newspaper



How to choose a suitable Corrugated cardboard/OCC/paper baler (carton baling press machine) for your Corrugated cardboard/OCC/paper baling?

We have developed different series of balers for different demends.

Automatic Horizontal baling press:
*TB-1011series are designed for highly throughput capacity demended with large split loading aperture.
*TB-0911 series are suitable for medium to high capacity demended.  
*TB-0708 series are ideal for low to medium capacity use.
*TB-0505 series is the best choice for smaller space or low capacity use.

Wire TylingAutomaticllyManually
Capacity(tons/hr)TB-1011 TB-0911TB-0708TB-0505TCB-seriesTVB-series

Corrugated Cardboard(OCC) /Tissue/Newspaper/Printing paper


The TCB-series baler is Horizontal baling press with manual tie. Many materials including, cardboard, paper, plastic packaging, PET Bottles/other rigid plastics and drinks cans can be successfully baled.

Our Vertical balers,TVB-series with manual tie are ideal for smaller spaces and where less waste is generated. It can be perfect in many situations with easy bale ejection systems.

Also we have developed some products that are suitable for paper and cardboard recycling baler, such as:
*Shredder :Techgene's TSH-1600 is available for 3 to 5 layers cardboard. Must associated with cutter  blower to transport shredded paper into the cyclone system.It's effectively crushing and reducing the size of the material for easier further processing and recycling.
*Fluffer (Or ruffler) is use to destroy/mix whole stack of newspaper, books and magazine.The density of each bale can be higher.
*Conveyor Can feed the materials into the baler continuously. Save the labor cost and raise the efficiency.