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Almost 40 Years Of Balers and Recycling Equipment for Industrial Cardboard, Paper and Plastic Waste - Techgene

Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the prime baler manufacturers since 1999 based in Taiwan.

CE and CEPROM S.A. certified for automatic baling press machine, Techgene's baler machine is sold in over 30 countries. Whether it's vertical baler, horizontal baler, baler machine for plastic, paper or metal, Techgene provides total recycling solutions to ensure your business profitable.

Techgene has been offering customers high-quality baling press with seasoned experience. Both with advanced technology and almost 40 years of experience, Techgene ensures each customer's demands are met.


Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd.
Recycling Equipment Engineered for Peak Performance - Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd.
Recycling Equipment Engineered for Peak Performance - Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd.

Recycling Equipment Engineered for Peak Performance

Horizontal paper baler is ideal for all types of industries that could be suited for the waste material recycling collectors, paper makers or commercial operations. The baling press machine using hydraulic power to compress loosely waste papers into tightly bales that save space and time. Also it’s durable and easy to maintain. It can condense variety of materials, such as corrugated paper, carton boxes, trimmed paper, newspaper, magazine or plastic films, and all the bales of materials can be efficiently transported or moved to another location for reprocessing or recycling. Due to the different demand of customers, Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd. provides several of models for selecting.

  • Features of horizontal paper baler series


  • Various of material can be baled

There are many kinds of waste materials can be compressed and baled, such as carton box, corrugated paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, plastic films, trimmed paper….etc.

  • Feeding, pressing, tying and outputting automatically

We had designed the initiative Twin-cylinder and Trouble-free isolated twisters which can tie the bale automatically that make the user easily to operate.

    • Auto stared by sensor, operate easily and safely

Applied with PLC and operator interface touch screen, easy to operate and trouble shooting.

  • Excellent structure design

Horizontal paper baler was fabricated with rigid body which can make it very durable. Also, it has strong power including hydraulic unit, cylinder and 3 ways neck tension to compress loosely waste papers into tightly bales.

    • Free to adjust the bale size

 There is a length detect counter which can adjust the bale length and density with different demands.

    • Customized hopper and variety way to feed the waste materials

There is a door opening in the middle of the machine to be fed the waste material. It can be customized according to the user's requirement. Customer can choose the convenient way of feeding from air cyclone, conveyor or manual