Close-End Baler TCB Series

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Custom Designed Close-End Baler TCB Series for Industrial Cardboard, Paper and Plastic Waste - Techgene

Techgene Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the prime Close-End Baler TCB Series manufacturers since 1999 based in Taiwan.

CE and CEPROM S.A. certified for automatic baling press machine, Techgene's baler machine is sold in over 30 countries. Whether it's vertical baler, horizontal baler, baler machine for plastic, paper or metal, Techgene provides total recycling solutions to ensure your business profitable.

Techgene has been offering customers high-quality baling press with seasoned experience. Both with advanced technology and almost 40 years of experience, Techgene ensures each customer's demands are met.

Close-End Baler TCB Series

This baler has a door on the end of bale chamber that material is compressed against and needs to be opened and closed each bale. Requires hand tying. Good for automated feeding by conveyor, cart dumper or trim system in low volume applications.

Close-End Baler
Close-End Baler
  • Suitable for the waste recycling center, manufacturing plants or plastic makers.
  • Available to compress waste paper, corrugated paper, cardboard boxes, Aluminum can, PET bottle, HDPE, plastic films.
  • Automatic press and manual tie.
  • The materials are available to be fed by manuals, conveyor and shovel machine into this baler.
  • Press force up to 100 tons, capacity from 1~2.5 Tons per hour
  • The position of operation panel and shape of hopper can be modified to satisfy the real demand of customer.
  • All operation and monitoring function are controlled through a programmable logic controller(PLC)
  • Rugged, reinforced baling chamber and door
  • The strong and rigid structure is reliable and optimum for less maintenance.


The Techgene range of closed end balers are ideal for recycling centres or manufacturing plants where a high press force is required to achieve a well compacted bale. In addition to handling materials which are more difficult to compress, such as HDPE, PET bottles and aluminums cans. These balers incorporate an automatic press cycle together with a manual bale tie and the material in feed hopper can be customized to suit individual requirements.

Operation and troubleshooting are all controlled through the PLC and touch screen and the operator's panel may be located to suit individual requirements.

The strong and rigid machine structure and end door enable high baling forces to be achieved whilst still ensuring a long and reliable service life.

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